Neatness Counts:
Unique and Flexible Housing Options
Fiber Optic Datacom/Voice Installation

If you've ever puzzled over how to accommodate individual installation requirements as they change from site to site, VERSITRON has some answers.

After all, we know that not all of your sites have the same design needs.

Our unique styles of chassis and enclosures should work for you regardless of the configuration of your installation site.

And, all of our FOM II module housings will hold any of our FOM II modem circuit cards. So, most possible combinations of interfaces are covered.

VERSITRON FOM II housings are available as a stand-alone desk-top enclosure or a choice of 2 rackmount chassis.


The Model HF1 standalone enclosure provides a slide-in housing for one FOM II modem circuit card. The enclosure is light-weight, has protective rubber feet, and may be placed in a variety of locations. The enclosures can also be stacked to save space. All connections are from the rear of the enclosure.

If available rack space is a problem, the Model HF2SS Space Saver chassis comes  to the rescue.

This chassis fits into a standard 19″ equipment rack, and offers a horizontal side-by-side installation of either 1 or 2 FOM II modem circuit cards.

The height of this chassis is only 1U (1.75″). In those applications where only 1 or 2 fiber optic links must be installed in limited rack space, the Model HF2SS chassis is ideal. For ease of installation, all connections are made from the rear of the chassis.

For rackmount applications requiring numerous fiber optic links, the Model HF20A chassis fills the bill. The HF20A fits in a standard 19″ equipment rack and permits vertical placement of 20 FOM II modem circuit cards. There are no committed slots. All connections are made from the rear of the chassis.

The Model HF20A rackmount chassis is powered by the Model AC300WR redundant Power Supply/System Monitor. This rackmountable power supply can be installed above or below the HF20A chassis. This unit is 1U high (1.75″).


All FOM II modem circuit cards have two retainer screws on their front panel to hold the device in the FOM II housing. The digital interface, fiber, and power connections are accessible from the rear of the housings for convenient installation hook-up.

When using the Models HF1 enclosure or HF2SS chassis, power is provided to each individual FOM II modem circuit via a single external AC to DC power supply/transformer. These include the Model PSAC08 (110VAC to 12VDC with USA style plug), and Model PSAC09 (2220VAC to 12VDC with European style plug). Application-specific power supplies are used with certain FOM II modems. These include the Model PSAC15 (used with the Model F2200 modems.) and the Model PSAC20 (used with the VMX4E, VMX4S, VMX8E, and VMX8S analog telephone converters.)

Accommodating a variety of installation requirements and configurations is not a problem when choosing VERSITRON products. Traditional rackmount chassis, space-saver rackmount chassis, and standalone enclosures, along with various "powering up" options, should adequately address any of your "housing" needs.

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