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Computer networking products in fiber by VERSITRON offer several distinct advantages that copper does not. In fact, the advantages of implimenting transparent fiber optic links are many. Most importantly data and voice signals can travel longer distances eliminating the need for repeaters. Bandwidth, too is increased with fiber optics. Thus, more data and voice signals can be sent longer distances for less cost! Furthermore, transmission over fiber optic cable is not only a more secure way for transmitting data, but eliminates spark hazards and provides immunity to EMI/RFI as well.

VERSITRON offers a wide variety of fiber optic computer networking products. From 10/100 and 10/100/1000 media converters to several "flavors" of ethernet switches to fiber optic PCI adapter fast ethernet network interface cards.

The M727xSA "Double-Duty" Selectable Media Converters are a real hit with our customers. You can customize your network with the flick of a switch with this product. Settings available include 10/100 autosensing, 10base fixed, and 100base fixed. Our 10base users appreciate the fact that once the 10Base signal is converted to fiber, the signal will then travel at 100 base speeds. LED status, Loop Back Test, and FEFI features are also included with these products. A choice of multimode or singlemode fiber is availabe along with several connector options. These products also carry a lifetime warranty, and may be purchased online at a discount.

For those who need gigabit speeds the 10/100/1000 "Triple Duty" media converters are the perfect choice. These converters also sport GBIC module technology and management features.

Other computer networking products include a single fiber media converter. This product is able to transmit AND receive over one fiber, helping you to keep the costs of fiber down. And if you need a faster solution with industrial temperature capabilities, please take a look at our MF7250 gigabit ethernet media converter.

More computer networking products include a fiber optic network interface card. This NIC card is easy to install and offers flexible options. 3 types of connectors are available in either multimode or single mode fiber. You can also enjoy "seamless" communication as your data is sent and received at the same time at the rate of 200 Mbps. This product also complies with 802.3u 100Base-FX standard and complies with PCI specifications 2.0 or later and has a PCI bus clock speed range of 25 to 33 Mhz. For those applications requiring faster speeds with NIC format, we offer the N70150 gigabit NIC card.

VERSITRON'S LAN product line also includes a number of ethernet switch products. With these products, you can double your traffic flow and boost network speeds significantly. You can choose from 5 port, 6 port, 7 port, 8 port, 16 port, 24 port, or from the ultimate in flexibility , the "pick a port" gigabit modular switch. GBIC module technology and in-band web based management are featured on several of our switches. Switches with PoE capability are also available, as well as devices with industrial ratings.

VERSITRON has over 58 years experience in the design and manufacture of fiber optic comunications products. Our products are installed all over the world in military, government, and commercial applications. They are noted for having the longest MTBF rates ( 14+ years) in the industry, and we back our products 100% by offering lifetime warranties. Please give us a call at 1-800-537-2296 or 302-894-0699 if you have questions or if we may be of assistance in helping you configure your applications.











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